Birds of Prey


Jul 2019 to Nov 2019

The Amusement Mile

We were tasked with creating an abandoned amusement park environment. Harley and co. head to The Boobytrap, a location she and Joker used to use as a hideout.


Inside the safehouse, Harley gets hit with a tranquilizer dart, and gets a stern talking to from a very creepy dude. We added the tranquilizer dart, and added distant Gotham City outside the broken window.

Founder’s Pier

After a chase on rollerskates, Harley loses Black Mask in the mist at the decrepit Founder’s Pier. In this sequence we finessed the density of the fog in the plates shot on a stage. Adding fog in some areas and removing it in others, we added ocean water, a decaying rollercoaster, and distant gotham city lights.