Star Trek Beyond

Lead Compositor | ATOMIC FICTION

Atomic was lead vendor with Dneg on Star Trek Beyond.

We worked on a number of sequences with a variety of work. From environment to character, the work on this show was interesting.

Breakdown images from the ARTofVFX article interviewing Seth Hill and the Autodesk presentation by Kevin Baillie.

Fistfight in a Glass Gravity Box

Atomic’s share of this sequence was about 120 shots. Partial greenscreen stage for the FG. Adding glass walls and the background of the space station (provided by Dneg). 12 layers of glass, and 1 month from start to finish. Quite a ride!

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Whiskey in a Warp Tunnel

Not the shot in the sequence I composited, but you can see well here the window that we added and the fluctuations in the warp tunnel outside of the window that we designed.

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Alien Carrot Planet

In this sequence we added red vines, alien moss, and some weird carrot looking things, in order to spruce up British Columbia to look like an alien planet.